Cardi B Net Worth 2019 Forbes

Cardi B Net Worth

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In this post disclosed Cardi B net worth of 2019. Cardi B is a great American hip hop artist, rapper, songwriter, singer and TV, and social media personality. She gained attention online social network after discussing her former career as a stripper.

In 2019, Cardi B net worth is estimated at $8 million. No doubt Cardi net worth will increase within the next two years.

Cardi B first appeared on VH1's season of Love and Hip-Hop in New Yorkin 2015. she has not been shy in opening up about her private lifestyle.

Cardi B Cars

Cardi B has many expensive cars like Lamborghinis and Bentleys But shocking news is she Doesn't know how to drive. When Corden (a host) asked why you have so many cars without having a license?

Cardi Say, "To take pictures with." 

ImageSourcee :Instagram

Cardi B House

The 26-year-old rapper Cardi B buys a bought her mom dream house in New York. the house cost more than $600k. Cardi Say: She was very excited to buy a dream house for her mom in the last year.

This house is an amazing gift she is set to bestow upon her mom.

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