Cardi B Teeth Before and After Pics and Cost

The fan of Cardi B very thirsty to know about Cardi b teeth before and after. This post disclosed the different before and after picture of a smile makeover, cost of teeth and who id doctor?.

One of the super hit songs "Bodak Yellow" In this song, she mentioned, "Got a bag and fixed my teeth/hope you ho*s know it ain’t cheap".

Now let's talk about the total cast total estimated cost is $40 K. Well Cardi B net worth is $8 million that ain’t a huge thing for Cardi.

Most of the people be wondering  Cardi B got her teeth fixed after the fight with Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week Party. To clearly, Cardi only got a little bump on her forehead and Cardi B had fixed her teeth a while ago.

Cardi B’s $40K worth Smile

Cardi B got her smile to the help of Dr. Catrise Austin to get her teeth fixed and get that 'Bardi' smile.

Cardi B Teeth Before and After

While she was in "Love & Hip Hop: New York" show many people filled her post with negative comments, so finally Cardi decides to get some dental work for her teeth. 

The Smilist Dental released a video, In witch Cardi say "if you are tired of hearing negative comments then just go and fix it.  

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